Are you a company looking to save money powder coating industrial equipment?  J&J Wire is a company in Beatrice Nebraska that not only powder coats industrial equipment, but helps manufacture it too.

Manufacturing, Wire Forming, Fabricating, and Powder Coating Industrial Equipment

J&J Wire works with companies across the Midwest custom powder coating industrial equipment and parts.  These companies, more often than not, have us form, bend, weld, fabricate, and then powder coat their industrial parts.

I know it may seem cliche, but we are a one stop shop for custom equipment and parts.  Companies who need to save money and cut costs need lean manufacturing.  For example, you hire a wire forming company which fabricates parts for your business.  After that company is finished with the wire forms and fabrication, they have to send it to another company to be powder coated.  Shipping expenses on equipment and parts, especially in bulk, is expensive.  Having two separate companies wire form and powder coat increases the overall costs of the project.

Start saving your business money by manufacturing and powder coating with one business.  J&J Wire 402-223-3146.

Powder Coat Industrial Equipment
Powder Coating Industrial Equipment Black


Powder Coating Industrial Equipment Companies

Custom powder coating industrial equipment comes from a wide variety of companies.

Types of industrial equipment powder coating include:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Food machinery
  • Construction equipment and machinery
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Industrial process machinery
  • Power and energy equipment

Our industrial customers who have their equipment powder coated are from all over the Midwest.  Powder coating costs in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Colorado is generally cheaper.  So when you’re looking to find a powder coating company that is affordable, make it J&J Wire.

We are experts in the wire forming, tube bending, metal fabrication, and powder coating industry.  Our expertise in manufacturing and finishing products will help you save money and be more efficient.

Call 402-223-3146 to speak with Steve Hartley or email him at about any questions pertaining to industrial equipment powder coating and get a free price quote.


Check out our wire forming and powder coating capabilities on our custom home decor wire products website.


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