Need Wire Formed or Powder Coating?

Custom Wire Forming Manufacturing Company

A Midwest manufacturer in wire with over 30 years experience.


Design, Prototype, Tooling

Design, Prototyping, & Tooling

Manufacture to a design you have or have J&J Wire design and create a prototype for your approval. Our 30 years of experience forming wire, rod, and metal gives you a competitive advantage over the competition.

All tooling is done in-house in our Nebraska facility. Alterations to a project can be made quickly and efficiently.

Metal Manufacturing, Wire Forming, Tube Bending

Manufacturing, Wire Forming, & Assembly

Searching for a wire forming manufacturer?  J&J Wire uses computer controlled forming machinery or hard tooling. We have the capability to form wire into almost any configuration.  Forms can be solid, round, or square in sizes ranging from 12 gauge (.105) to over one inch in diameter.  More on custom wire forming. Learn about the types of custom manufacturing our company does.

Finishing Powder Coat

Finishing Powder Coat

Custom powder coating for OEM or individual equipment and parts. Powder coating is done in a 3-stage steam pretreatment system. Powder coating was added to improve OEM efficiency and turnaround time.  We identified powder coating as an opportunity to improve manufacturing flow, efficiency, and delivery. This means quicker turnaround times at a more affordable price for our customers. Learn more about our powder coating capabilities.

Contact J&J Wire for manufacturing, wire forming, bending, and powder coating at 402-223-3146.