custom products manufactured OEM

Are you an entrepreneur or business and have a great idea for a product? You have sketched several designs on paper what it should look like and how the piece will function.  The big question, who’s going to manufacture the product?

How to find a company to manufacture custom products and parts

I’m sure you have already tried to Google phrase like, “find a company to make…..”.  A great source for finding manufacturing companies and suppliers is ThomasNet.  This company helps buyers and engineers search for trusted product sourcing.

Find the right company to make your custom products and/or parts

I’m sure you have done your research.  Finding the right company to manufacture your product depends on several key factors, which include:

  • Price the company is going to charge you.  Obviously price is at the top of the list.  Everyone, unless they are bad at business, knows that getting a lower price means better profit margins.
  • Quantity you want manufactured.  Generally, the more products you  need manufactured, the cheaper the price will be.  Having your design mass produced is going to be cheaper than having fewer.
  • Location of the manufacturing facility.  Shipping and freight costs have increased over the years.  Depending on the size of the product, this could increase manufacturing costs.  Check with local manufacturing companies to see if they have the capabilities to make your products.  For example, if you live in Kansas, look for manufacturing company in Kansas, Nebraska, and other surrounding states.
  • Capabilities of the manufacturer.  Depending on what industry you are serving, make sure the production is done in one facility.  A lot of companies outsource production to another facility.  For example, you’re having a metal part made that is suppose to be shiny black.  The company who is manufacturing the metal part will have to outsource the powder coating.  Have that product formed and powder coated under one roof.
  • Time.  Ask yourself first, “how soon will I need products to sell?”  Then ask the production company, “how soon can you deliver the finished product?”
  • Communication.  This maybe the most important of all.  Without good communication, you may receive a large quantity of finished products that do not meet your specifications.  Developing a good relationship with the manufacturer will reduce costs.  For instance, at J&J Wire the experienced staff will make suggestions on saving time and money when manufacturing custom products.  By the way, J&J Wire does metal manufacturing and powder coating at one facility. 

These six areas will help choose the right manufacturing company to make your product.

If you are looking for wire forming, tube bending, metal fabrication, or powder coating company, contact J&J Wire at 402-223-3146. Ask us about our manufacturing costs, capabilities, time, and we will communicate with you every step of the way.