Wire Forming

Wire forming entails a huge array of functions other than bending a desired length of wire to a predetermined shape. Wire forming includes many secondary functions…upsetting, threading, balling an end, etc.

Wire Forming

J&J Wire Custom can form wire to any desired shape in almost any size of material up to an inch and a quarter in diameter. Wire can be formed in a wide range of tinsel strength and material including the following:

  • Spring Steel Wire Forming and Bending.
  • Stainless Steel Forming and Bending
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Mild Carbon Steel
  • Low Carbon Steel
Wire Bending - Metal Bending

Companies often use our professional expertise for money saving recommendations and efficiency.  This helps lower the cost of the wire forming quote.

Custom Wire Forming Manufactured Examples:

  • Linkage – Let’s say you manufacture a log-splitter or lawn mower.  We help co-manufacture parts, such as linkages, pins, and baskets.
  • Pins – We manufacture pins, such as hitch pins, motor pins, etc.
  • Display Racks – Specialty manufactured racks, such as a meat rack or display racks.
  • Fan Guards – We make a serious of rings that are wire formed.
  • Baskets – Custom specialty baskets.
  • Clips and Brackets – We manufacture parts for the plating industry that holds other equipment, such as clips and brackets.
  • Agriculture Equipment – Farm equipment is a large part of our wire forming manufacturing company.

We meet special requests and needs for your wire forming requirements.

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