Types of Manufacturing

Searching for a manufacturing company?  J&J Wire is your resource for OEM and custom fabrication.  From large companies to individuals, we can design, fabricate, and finish your project on time.

Our state-of-the-art machinery can bend and form wire, metal, and rod precisely.  Secondary functions, such as welding, is available in our facility.  J&J Wire Custom’s goal is to produce high quality manufactured parts and equipment at an affordable price.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Our expertise in metal manufacturing help companies develop and manufacture what your business is looking for.  Design.  Tooling.  Fabrication.  Bending.  Forming.  Powder Coating.  All in one place.

Custom Metal Forming

Custom Wire Forming

Custom metal forming is J&J Wire’s core strength.  We can bend, straighten, cut, and form/fabricate metal to your specifications.

Other Types of forming J&J does includes:

  •  2D & 3D manufacturing capabilities, ring forming, straighten wire, and cut wire.
Welding - Resistance and Mig Welders | Metal Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication

Our welding department is equipped with state-of-the art-machinery, Resistance welding, and MIG welding. Not every manufactured part can be made by machines. Our welders are held to high standards. Each weld, whether it be on a metal retail product or on farm equipment, is reviewed.

Manufacturing Secondary Functions

Secondary Functions

Secondary manufacturing functions are available.  In a wide variety of categories, secondary functions are needed to help reach your goals.  Some examples of these functions include:

  • Hole drilling
  • Hole punching
  • Threading
  • Upsetting
  • The list goes on.  For inquires on secondary functions, contact J&J Wire.
Powder Coating Nebraska

Finishing – Powder Coat

Custom finish products by powder coating. Types of Products we finish in our powder coating facility: OEM parts, industrial and agricultural equipment. Have equipment manufactured and powder coated under one roof.

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