About J&J Wire Custom

About J&J Wire CustomStarting out in his garage, John Church started the company as a side business.  Now the manufacturing company has 20 employees.  J&J Wire specializes in the fabrication of wire, rod, and tubing.

J&J Wire, Inc. operates in a 42,000 square foot facility located in the Industrial Park of Beatrice Nebraska. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, J&J Wire works with businesses across the United States.

As a Nebraska based manufacturing company, our values include:

  • Satisfying our customers needs.  We are dedicated to helping  our customers reach their goals by delivering high quality customization within their budget.
  • Communication is important as an OEM and custom manufacturing company.  Communicate with our management team to discuss design, tooling, cost,  and capabilities.
  • Skilled welders are the core of what we do.  J&J Wire holds our employees to the highest standards of welding.  No product leaves the facility with inferior welds.
  • Fast turnaround from design to delivery.
  • Saving our customers time and money.


The people working here are as good as you can get! We have learned to be efficient over the years and know how to get projects completed on spec/on-time.
John Church – owner of J&J Wire and head blacksmith

About J&J Wire’s Manufactured Products

J&J Wire started custom manufacturing and powder coating for other manufacturers and businesses many years ago. J&J Wire’s primary business is OEM and other products that include:

  • housewares
  • lawn & garden decor
  • hunting equipment
  • industrial equipment
  • farm equipment
  • medical equipment
  • food equipment parts
  • safety equipment

Often we can make, design, or consult on production suggestions that saves businesses time and money.
John Church

John Church – Owner of J&J Wire, tooling designer, blacksmith, and welder.
Steve Hartley – Head of manufacturing, welder, job estimates, and avid hunter.
Karla Holland – Office manager

Contact J&J Wire to learn more about their custom manufacturing or powder coating.
800-633-0146 or email custsrv@jjwiredecor.com | steveh@jjwire.biz